Jacques Laurans (Chairman)
 Carlos Barbieri
 Abdelaziz Bougja
 Michael Hawker
 Jurie Roux
 Steve Tew

Terms of Reference

1. To recommend to Council for approval the annual audited accounts for the IRB and its associated entities for consideration by Council.

2. To ensure that all risks pertaining to the IRB and its associated entities are properly identified and appropriately managed by the executive staff.

3. To review the performance of external auditors.

4. To recommend the appointment of external auditors for approval of Council.

5. To monitor the procedures in place to ensure that the company is in compliance with Company Law in respect of the financial statements and other legislative and reporting requirements in relation to the preparation of financial statements and in relation to all IRB matters.

6. To deal with other relevant matters which may be referred to it occasionally by Council or the Executive Committee.