John Jeffrey (Chairman)
 Bill Beaumont
 Giancarlo Dondi
 Michael Hawker
 Chris Le Fevre
 David Pickering
 Agustin Pichot
 Koji Tokumasu
 Pat Whelan
 Nick Mallett

Terms of Reference

( i ) To Monitor the Laws of the Game and their effectiveness

( ii ) To Recommend to Council updates and changes to the Laws of the Games as necessary

( iii ) To Recommend to Council the three designated members who will be responsible for determining rulings in law when asked to do so by a Union

( iv ) To Track playing trends in world Rugby and monitoring the Laws and their effectiveness ensuring that the Game continues to be played according to the principles outlined in the Playing Charter

( v ) To Monitor Strategic Initiatives to ensure that the three main strands of the playing of the Game (playing, coaching and officiating) are considered in a holistic and integrated manner

( vi ) To Recommend to Council the membership of the IRB Referee Selection Panel

( vii ) To Monitor Strategic Initiatives to assist with the recruitment, training and development of match officials

( viii ) To Consider medical and safety issues related to the playing of the Game

( ix ) To Receive reports from advisory groups and / or working groups (for example in the areas of: Laws, Age Grade, Medical, Womens) on specific issues as requested by itself or the Executive Committee

( x ) To Determine the criteria for international matches

( xi ) To Determine the international matches and tours schedule and playing structure

( xii ) To Debate player welfare issues at high performance level and propose IRB policies in this area

( xiii ) To Liaise as necessary with other stakeholders within the Game

( xiv ) To Determine the International Tours Agreement

( xv ) To Deal with other relevant matters which may be referred to it by Council or the Executive Committee