JWC 2012 - Day two reaction

(IRB.COM) Friday 8 June 2012
 JWC 2012 - Day two reaction
Argentina celebrate another JWC upset after victory over Australia - Photo: Image SA

We bring you some reaction from day two at the IRB Junior World Championship 2012 as Australia and New Zealand both lose.


Wales coach Danny Wilson: "It's a great win that will stick with these boys and that nobody can take away from any of us, one that we have worked extremely hard for and we talked about it, somebody had to beat them at some stage, they were not going to keep that record forever, why can't it be us? The conditions obviously suited us and we got what we deserved.

"A huge amount of credit to those boys, they have worked so hard. I think in games in conditions like that it's important how you play without the ball, the boys really stood up in defence in tough conditions, it's character building and an outstanding win."

New Zealand captain Bryn Hall: "Very disappopinted, we have to recover very quickly, we have a four day turn around to come and we have to train very hard and be ready for Fiji. We have to play very well against Fiji, get our composure, bring back out set piece and hopefully it will go better than tonight.

"We didn't play the way we wanted to unfortunately but the Welsh played with a lot of pride and passion and did their country proud. We didn't get the result we wanted and we have to front up now against Fiji. We need to stick to our pattern, with the weather we lost our composure in the tight moments and not having solutions when we come up against problems."

Wales captain Kirby Myhill: "It's an honour just to be captain, to play against New Zealand one of the best teams in the world, it's an amazing feeling. New Zealand are an amazing team but we were never going to lose, it meant so much to us after last year when we lost 92-0. That was a big loss, we wanted prove a point and I think we did that.

"They have never lost in four years, that says what a great team they are and shows how well we played - we cannot take anything away from the boys, it was amazing." 

New Zealand coach Rob Penney: "We are very disappointed with the result, the effort and energy was there but not the accuracy. Our game management was poor and the Welsh made us suffer for that. The boys are desperately keen to do well, you will never see a New Zealand team lie down and I didn't feel we were beaten - we were on the scoreboard but we got into positions, it just didn't happen for us.
"That's a real possibility (for us to still reach the semi finals), we got to re-group, review and improve on the things we didn't do well. The boys are heartbroken at the moment, they must get up, we have another job to do in four or five days so we look forward to that."

France captain Kelian Galletier: "We hoped all the game, when the Scottish scored their last try we went back and we tried to score a try and we were successful. It was very good for the team and now it's Australia, it's the last game if we want to be qualified (for the semi finals). We got a bonus point tonight so just winning would be great and after the lose against Argentina we hope, we hope..."

Scotland coach Peter Wright: "To be in the lead with a couple of minutes to go and then to lose the game is disappointing. But we challenged the players to be in the game with 20 minutes to go, which we were. We scored a couple of good tries, our third try in particular I thought we really moved France around and got the space we were trying to get. 

"They showed guts, determination and a lot of attitude and it was a huge improvement from our performance against Australia and that’s what we asked them to do; we asked them to be better in all aspects of the  game. There were still weaknesses there, but the improvement from two or three days ago was huge and we just have to take that into the next game against Argentina."

France coach Gerald Bastide: "We were very happy to win this game because it was tough, difficult until the end and all the players had a good performance on the field. They are very tough in the head because it was very difficult to win today. We made a lot of mistakes, the score was one time for Scotland and one time for us, but at the end we won and it was the most important thing. The second most important thing is that we scored four tries, and I think it's very good for today."

Scotland captain Harry Leonard: "I think we need to improve on our basic skills, too many times we coughed up the ball and gave them easy possession. Our first up tacking let us down at times, there’s some big ball carriers and we tended to go high when we needed to go low.  I can’t criticise too much, the boys really put their hearts on the line and one to fifteen really dug in until the end as well, so it’s really disappointing."

Australia captain Liam Gill: "Certainly game one we saw the hot end of the (weather) spectrum and this has completely blown us out of the water the other end. It certainly proves a different game plan and I don't think we gave the weather the respect it deserved. I know we played with a lot of territory but we couldn't turn it into points and credit to the Argentinians, they were tough and courageous to come up with that.
"It certainly was physical, it was everything we expected. We knew they were going to be very patriotic the way they played, they are a very proud nation. I think to a certain extent we showed that as well, they just took advantage of their opportunities and came away with the win. 
"We are still alive, we still have confidence from our first game and hopefully we can bounce against the French and, with the way the draw works, snaggle the other (semi final) spot."
Argentina try scorer Pablo Matera: "We are very happy, we knew we could win and we were very confident. We are used to these conditions in Argentina - we like it, we have trained many times in the rain so we know how to play in these conditions.

''They (our fans) are the best, we have come a long way so we are very happy to have them here, they came to support us. We not only have our fans in Argentina, we also have a lot of support there, it makes us feel good."

Australia coach David Nucifora: "The conditions obviously played a huge part. We didn't adapt very well and paid the price. We knew that they would be happy when they saw the condtions ... it was a slugfest and a lottery. It was impossible to play rugby and it suited them better that it suited us."

Argentina captain Sebastian Poet: "In this tournment it's a another victory for us. We want to win, we have a dream and don't think anything is going to stop us.
"We know the conditions were favourable for us, we have a very strong pack and especially in the  scrums, rucks, mauls and tackles it was an advantage. I think it was mainly psychological, we knew we had a chance to win through the scrums.
"The team is very united and the passion is high, in Argentina that's how we live, rugby is about passion, we are all amateur or semi professional players and it's with this passion that we come here and look for great things."

South Africa captain Wian Liebenberg: "We were disappointed to lose against Ireland, we felt like we let the crowd down and all our supporters we had, and that’s why we wanted to come out tonight and make the best of it and get our five points and just play the rugby like we know South Africa can play and just play for the crowd and our team.

"It’s going to be the decider we have to win that game there is no other way, we have to win it. From the South Africa side we are going to come out with everything we have, we are going to work hard these three days we have in between and do some more work on England and see the way we want to play and then, yeah, just give a massive performance and I know the guys are up to it."

Italy captain Giulio Bisegni: “It definitely wasn't one of our best performances. We knew we were going to face a team that had lost the first game and who wanted to prove themselves. We tried, but unfortunately we were down on a physical level, they were overall superior, we tried to hold on but they came out on top. We need to look closely to ourselves, take a step back and see how to take on the next games. We need to work hard for the rest of the tournamnet, try not to lose against Ireland and do everything we can to stay in the elite level.”

South Africa coach Dawie Theron: “I think we can be very happy, three days ago we didn’t have a good performance and we were really in pain - if I can put it that way - and we got together as a group and the guys worked through the last couple of days and I think we bounced back quite well in the wet weather, and the game was played at night so the ball was wet, and I must say I am very proud of the players and the way they really bounced back.”

Ireland captain Niall Scannell: “It was very disappointing. We had a strong first half, we capitalised on the two yellow cards that they got but we took our foot off the gas. At this level you have to go for 80 minutes, and I think at times we dropped our intensity a little bit and we made a few bad decisions we just have to go and review that and build from here.

"We struggled to come around the corner and match their intensity. A few tackles went astray, and our tackle count was probably not as high as against South Africa. We are going got have to review that and improve on our performance and get it up to the level we were against South Africa.”
England captain Ryan Mills: “It was a fantastic effort from all the boys, especially the boys up front who showed that we can win a result in a different kind of way, instead of chucking the ball around the way we normally do. It's great to know that we got that in the locker as well. It was a fantastic effort from my forwards. It's not the type of game where you can chuck the ball around. We tried it in the first half - it didn't work for us. We had to change to using our forwards, play a tighter game and it worked for us.

“Now we just going to get our heads down, recover, watch the Springbok game and see what they're about. Hopefully we'll be 100 per cent going into that game and get a good game out of that as well."

Fiji coach Sale Sorovaki: "A win is a win, we have to be happy with a win but given the conditions I thought we struggled a bit, not only for us, even for Samoa, there were a lot of drop balls. But at the end who adjusts better to the conditions will come out on top. I guess we'll take the win.
"The credit I think goes to Samoa, it was their mistakes that kept us in the game in the first half, I thought they had a lot of opportunities and I guess it was luck on our side. At half time we re-grouped and we did the same thing last week, we were ahead at half time (against Wales) and then we let it go in the second half. There was no repeat of that today."

Samoa manager Andy Ripley: "In the second half we missed too many opportunitiesand Fiji capitalised on this. At this point we will go back and look at footage of today’s game to prepare for our game against Wales. It’s only the second round of this Championship and we can still qualify to play next year.”
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