JWC 2013 Disciplinary hearing decision

(IRB.COM) Thursday 18 July 2013
 JWC 2013 Disciplinary hearing decision
The IRB Junior World Championship trophy

A player attended a disciplinary hearing in Wales following the IRB Junior World Championship 2013.

Dominic Barrow (England)

England player Dominic Barrow attended a hearing held in Neath, Wales, arising from the final of the IRB Junior World Championship 2013. The hearing was postponed due to the player having participated in another hearing following the final and then taking post-tournament holidays.

Barrow appeared before independent Judicial Officer Simon Thomas (Wales) on 18 July 2013 in relation to a citing by Citing Commissioner Yann Le Dore (France) for contact with the eye or eye area of Ellis Jenkins (Wales) at a breakdown during the second half of the JWC final.

The player denied that he had committed an act of Foul Play. Having considered all of the evidence, including hearing from Mr Barrow, Mr Le Dore and Mr Jenkins and reviewing the footage, the Judicial Officer determined that there was no act of Foul Play committed by Mr Barrow. The Judicial Officer dismissed the citing and accordingly imposed no sanction.