Players enjoy being tested in Chile

(IRB.COM) Friday 18 April 2008
By Frankie Deges
From Santiago
 Players enjoy being tested in Chile
Namibia's players are put to the test in the anti-doping quiz

Every one of the 208 players involved in the IRB Junior World Rugby Trophy in Chile this month had to undertake a quiz, and they all enjoyed the occasion.
The Outreach programme, a computer quiz on the IRB Keep Rugby Clean programme, was put in front of each one of the players in Santiago, as has been done in previous age-group IRB tournaments.

Questions related to the anti-doping campaign had to be answered on a computer. Six computers were taken to the four hotels in which the eight teams are staying and the individual tests were undertaken.
Players must score a minimum of eight correct answers to receive a special t-shirt which the teams will wear on Saturday 19 April – the second match day of the inaugural tournament – to promote the IRB campaign. The first players that score 10 out of 10 correct answers also receive a Keep Rugby Clean mini ball.
“This is part of the programme and we do it at every age-group tournament. For the players it is a funny experience, yet at the same time they confirm their knowledge on anti-doping,” said IRB Anti-Doping Coordinator Ilaria Baudo.
Namibia captain Thomasau Forbes managed nine out of 10 correct answers.

“It is really important and good that players are given this information,” Forbes said. “Although drugs and doping in our country is not big, you can get an exposure to them in other countries so what we were taught here and taking this quiz really reinforces the concept of keeping rugby clean.”
While Forbes is playing in his first ever IRB tournament, a number of his team-mates and players from other teams had already taken the quiz. Only six players at a time can sit in front of the IRB computers, but the rest of the squad is usually present in the same room and it is always an enjoyable occasion for them.