JWRT 2010: Match day two reaction

(IRB.COM) Saturday 22 May 2010
 JWRT 2010: Match day two reaction
Papua New Guinea's Joshua Posu is tackled by Uruguay's Manuel Rega and Joaquin Prada during the IRB Junior World Rugby Trophy match at the Fili Stadiumin Moscow on 22 May 2010 Photo: Stas Kolpakov

We bring you reaction from the second day's action at the IRB Junior World Rugby Trophy 2010 in Moscow.



Head coach of Italy Andrea Cavinato: "Credit to the work of our forwards, we managed to win this very important match. The pressure by the Italian forwards made the difference and they worked very hard to keep the pressure on throughout the match . Our pack was very dynamic and made a huge contribution to a valuable win over a very strong opponent . I can not say unfortunately the same thing about our backs, who made lots of mistakes, but in they end they did not spoil our win."

Captain of Italy Tommaso Benvenuti: "All our guys did their best today and I am happy with the way they stuck to the task. The rain started in the second half but it couldn't prevent our win. We are on our way to the final and will make everything that is needed to win the last match in the group stage."

Head coach of Romania Alexandru Achim: "We had the potential and the desire to win against Italy, but unfortunately we failed to do it. In the end the Italians played better than us with more purpose and discipline, while our discipline was very poor."

"The tension of the match had the better of our players, who lost their cool and started fighting. We ended up with a player sent off and several out injured, but we still hope that in the event of a Uruguay win, we may end up top of the pool."

Captain of Romania Petru Tamba: "We played as well as we could, but after we scored something had changed. Instead of playing calmly like before we started to precipitate, and in the end lost the game by a large margin."

"Until that moment when the score was 11-7 in favour of Italy we had good chances to win. But Italy scored a try end somehow a fight broke out. We shouldn't have got involved, but we did and got severely punished with a red and yellow cards. It is unfortunate, but we will try to do better in our third game."


Uruguay scrum half Guillermo Lijstenstein: "I am quite pleased with the way we played today. We were a bit nervous not knowing what to expect from Papua New Guinea, but we eventually settled and produced a good performance.

"The forwards had a tremendous game and produced some good quality ball, which enabled us to score some good tries. We scored four tries in the first half and two in the second, which happened because we had quick ball from the forwards. This was a good performance before our big match against Italy in the next round."

Uruguay assistant coach Francisco Vilaboa: "Finally the pack clicked and produced some good quality ball for the back to show their potential. It was pleasing to see Uruguay playing like that. It is true that PNG managed to steal some of our ball at the breakdowns, but overall I am pleased with the way we played.

"We scored 42 points, which is quite unusual for Uruguay, but our fitness let us down as we got tired as the match wore on. The PNG scrum was also better organised in the second half, while we brought in all our reserve players. We made all substitutions to enable all players to play international rugby.

"It is important for all our players to experience the excitement of an international match, as we are all amateurs and we will return to our clubs to spread the knowledge we have acquired over here."

Robin Tarere - Head Coach Papua New Guinea: "This was a much better performance than the one againt Italy. The defence imporved, in the second half in particular and we competed better at breakdowns. The back row were very dynamic and tackled well.

"We did not have enough possession in the first half and although we played without ball, we did not do too badly. We did tighten up our game in the second half and improved our defence.
I could not have asked them for more really. They have done their best and I am proud of them.

"Do not forget that his was our second match together as a team. Our first match was the one against Italy as we got together for the first time some three days before arrival in Moscow. There is plenty of room for improvement and I am sure we will do better in the third match.

"The backs are a bit too shallow and we need to play from depth to capitalise on their mistakes. We also need to sort out the ruck area, which is crucial for quick ball."

Fairi Fairi - flanker and vice-captain Papua New Guinea: "I think we did not play too badly, but let ourselves down by making simple errors, which cost us a lot of points. Obviously our discipline was not our strongest point early in the game, but we improved after the break. The defence in the second half was much better and we forced them to make errors which gave us the ball. Our pack managed to snatch the ball on a few occasions when we counterattacked strongly. The way we keep improving gives me confidence that we will get better in our next game."



Andrew Crow, captain of Canada: "It was an amazing game! The Russians kept up the pressure on us for a long time . But I am proud of the Canadian players. We tried very hard but could not overtake the Russians. My congratulations to Russia. They have a great team .Now we need only to get ready for match against Japan. We need to win"

Stanislav Selskiy, captain of Russia: "We were very upset by defeat of Japan in previous game and wanted to win. Only to win. And we did it. We had a lot of penalties and yellow cards again. But I think it's happening because refereeing in Russia and in the World are quite different . Also special thanks to our spectators. It was amazing the level of support by them. Our fans were really our 16th player."

Andrey Cherevichniy, head coach of Russia: "We were ready for a hard game. Since the first minutes we played well in defence against the heavier Canadian players.

"In the second half we played fast and wide and could have scored several tries. Our problem is that we made too many mistakes and gave away too many penalties, but we scored two tries , even when we had a player in the sin-bin.

"It shows that this team has got character and some very good players . We are going to try to defeat Zimbabwe and win the tournament . The President of the Rugby Union of Russia, Vyacheslav Kopiev, said that we could win first place. We think so!"


Yukio Motoki, Japan head coach: "Well, we sorted out the set pieces after the first round, and both lineout and scrummage worked very well today. Instead we have got problems with our breakdown, which was not up to standard.

"We made too many mistakes, forward passes and got frustrated and the players got stressed. They tried too hard and started to give away penalties. At half time I told them to concentrate on the task in hand, to do their their job properly and try to relax.

"Zimbabwe proved to be a very strong opponent, well orchestrated by their outside half. We must make sure we improve the breakdown area to match our set piece and then be ready for the next round. I trust the players will respond the challenge and will raise themselves to the level needed for a test match."

Kota Yamashita, Japan captain: "We just did not perform to the level of our capacities. We have made too many mistakes and were too loose at the breakdown. It was a great match and we must give credit to Zimbabwe who played very well. We must improve and we will put together a good performance in our last pool match."

Brendon Chapman, Zimbabwe captain: "One has mixed feelings after a drawn match. On the one hand we did not achieve our goal of beating Japan by four tries or more to secure a bonus point. On the other had we performed well, competed well at breakdowns and ran strongly.

"It was a number of small bits, at breakdowns, open play and set piece that did not work as well as they should have. Our ball retention was good and we managed to disrupt effectively their breakdown. This is it and we will have to make sure we improve in our next match to deliver what we all know we are capable of."

Brighton Chivandire, Zimbabwe Head Coach: "We knew from the stats that the breakdown area was critical, as the Japanese use it effectively to attack from there, so we concentrated on it and managed to disrupt their ruck.

"We felt that was critical to starve their backs of quick ball and we did that. However, although we had two guys of two metres, our lineout was our biggest let down today. Simply we could not disrupt their lineout, despite our advantage in height.

"Our discipline was also a bit suspect, but by and large I felt that we did not play with more than 70% of our potential. We hope to mobilise and reach our 100% optimal against Russia. We produced flashes of what we are capable of, but not consistently.

"If we put 80 minutes of that together we can beat anybody. I am happy for the boys though. Think about it, Japan competed in JWC 2009 and we were nowhere, not even on the map. So it is not bad for a start."