JWRT 2010: Final match day reaction

(IRB.COM) Sunday 30 May 2010
 JWRT 2010: Final match day reaction
Zimbabwe's Marco Mama powers through an attempted Papua New Guinea tackle Photo: Maria Anderson

We bring you reaction from the final day of the IRB Junior World Rugby Trophy 2010 in Moscow.



Tommaso Benvenuti, captain:
"We wanted badly to win this match, not only because we wanted to return to the World Championship section, but also because we wanted to qualify by right, not by default, as the next World Championship will be held in Italy next year.

"We did not do ourselves justice against Uruguayand after the match we spoke together and the match tonight was very much a reaction to the poor game against Uruguay. We had a new game plan and a new approach, which surprised the Japanese. I am delighted for my team and I am very proud of them."

Andrea Cavinato, head coach: "We looked at the Japanese matches and understood that we must be able to withstand and beat off their powerful scrummage and that if we do that, we will be able to win. We worked very hard to do that and we also changed our game plan. As Roy Bish, the great Welsh coach used to say, with a good back division and a poor scrummage you will not win matches, so that's what we did tonight.

"We challenged Japan in the scrum and it paid off. This was the first match played at Six Nations level. The match against Uruguay, which we nearly lost was a big wake up call for the team. Ultimately the match against Uruguay was the turning point and the ignition key that triggered off this performance tonight. I am proud of this team."


Yukio Motoki, head coach:
"First to say thank you to Italy for a good game. They played very well and deserved to win. Regarding Japan I have to say that we never experienced this level of intensity. They were faster, more physical and they played a superior quality of football. We were not as sharp and accurate as we were in the previous match with Canada.

"Maybe we are mentally and physically tired. Italy's matches in the Six Nations have helped a lot. We need matches of similar intensity and quality to be able to play the same standard of rugby."

3RD PLACE PLAY-OFF: RUSSIA 20-23 ROMANIA (after sudden-death extra time)


Andrey Cherevichny, head coach:
"I think we wanted to win more than the Romanians did. This was a match between two fairly equal teams in terms of the game we play, but in certain areas we were better, while in some the Romanians had the better of us.

"Today we managed to cancel all the areas in which they held an advantage. We watched their previous games and knew that their forwards are big, but today we neutralized all their best sides. We watched their previous games and knew that their forwards are very big and they use every scrum and every lineout near opponents' try line to force their way in for a try. We built an aggressive defence and also used our opportunities in attack.

"I can also say that more people from this team are 18 than 19, which makes our victory more important. Now I can say that our result could have been better, but third place is a good springboard for the future."

Stanislav Selskiy, captain: "I've never played such a long game, with nearly 20 minutes of extra-time. This was very stressful, I have to say. But we won and I am proud of my team, who showed so much character. This is why we won, because all our players wanted it. We used all our reserve power and even a bit more and this win is a good reward for all the work we put in it.

"Before the tournament everybody thought that we will be seventh or eighth. But we finished third and are very happy. Moreover, this is a team in which are players from every region of Russia, a true representative team, not only Moscow and Krasnoyarsk. This makes us the team of the future."


Coach Alexandru Achim:
"This was a disappointing match which ended a disappointing campaign. But before I talk about our campaign, I would like to congratulate Russia for a fine performance and deserved win. They wanted to more to win and played with more heart and passion. We lost because we made too many basic errors, because we (some of the players) started the game believing that they were better than the opposition and that they will win by a large margin just by turning up.

"The players who should have taken the lead never showed up. Our back division was made up of 18-year olds and for a number of reasons they never gelled with the forwards who are a year older. Unfortunately the fourth place is a true reflection of our standards and we must go back to the drawing board and see how we prepare our players for the future competitions."

Gabriel Conache, fly half: "It was very hard and it took me too long to adjust to the standard of the tournament. We could and should have won this match, but instead we really beat ourselves. I made several mistakes and I am really gutted. We have underestimated the opposition and paid dearly for it. It looked as if some of us did not really care. We lacked lucidity and concentration and need to work hard in the future to make it work for us."

Rares Manolache, manager: "It was a hard match and we made too many unforced errors, which offered the opposition great scoring opportunities. I think that this tournament was a very good lesson for all of us, the boys in particular who would have learned a good lesson for next year."



Fernando Silva, head coach:
"We have won a very tight match because we finished the match fresher, due to the way we used the substitutions. The players who came on had enough strength and energy to battle the crucial last quarter of an hour and win. I have been coaching for 20 years and this tournament has been a very useful and enriching experience.

"All players learnt a lot and we will return home better players and will spread the word to all our clubs. The most important message from out U20 national team, is that we can win matches and qualify to a World Cup."

Agustin Ormaechea, centre: "Canada played a magnificent match and we congratulate them. We won in the end because of our unity of purpose and confidence that we can prevail.

"When I kicked for goal, I did not think how important that kick was. I only thought about the technical details and the need to do it properly. The most important lesson of this tournament is that the friendship which we have developed playing together is the most important aspect of all.

"Each of us wishes to continue to play Rugby football, to be better at it and enjoy the friendship and camaraderie. We have a lot of tournaments ahead of us. Our Rugby football is almost completely amateur. Therefore family traditions and friendship are very important in our life. Support of our relatives and friends is very important for us, and will help us to attain our goals."

Sebastian Sagario, number 8:
"The pack did a lot of good work during the maul that led to our try, which basically tuned the match around. We have believed in ourselves and gave our best in this game. I wish to thank all my players and the Canadian team for a good match. When I go back home I will tell my friends that this tournament was an excellent experience and if they keep working hard they can all reach the top."


Andrew Crow, captain:
"Uruguay had an excellent game playing with great determination. We managed to successfully respond to the weather conditions change during the match, playing a safe game during the rain in the first half and expand, using the width of the field in the second half when the rain had stopped. We attacked well with the ball in hand and managed to score. We tried hard to score a try in the dying minutes, but we could not get through.

"We had our best players on the field today and all gave their best to win. In such a long tournament it is impossible to relax for a second. It is essential to prepare psychologically and physically for each game. It was a great tournament and it is a huge experience for all our players. It was a really close match and there was good tackling on both sides."

Coach Tim Murdy, head coach: "I'm obviously very disappointed for the guys, but credit to Uruguay for showing good composure, and showing a lot of aggression and to go forward with it in the midfield."

Casey Cavers, hooker: "We expected Uruguay to kick a lot, and knew how to respond to their game. We used the counterattack rather than kick back. In the second half we began to attack with the ball in hand, with the drier ball. For the first year player like myself it was quite an eye opener to see how intense every minute of every match was.

"At the international level no one gives up and everyone plays extremely hard. The Canadian side looks forward, having a majority of its players return next year. The Canadian team did not play as well as hoped but we can still be proud of our heart in the games and the fact that everything was left on the field."



Graham Kaulback, full back and captain:
"This was a great game enjoyed by both teams. It was very fast and dynamic and one has to give credit to Papua New Guinea players for their brilliant style. We were really lucky they had not capitalised on all their opportunities.

"Having said that, I am really proud of our boys, who showed great spirit and attitude. We scored some good tries and showed what we could have done. We lost one match by two points and drew one, three points in all, which could have made a difference. Compared to our expectations we were a bit disappointed, but we have learned a lot and will be better players for it. We are a great group and we finally delivered what we always believed we could do."

Charles Jiji, scrum half: "We were quite frustrated after the last two matches and perhaps today we played more like a team, more for each other, which in the end made a difference. I was quite pleased with my kicking, six out of seven, which is not bad for a start. I hope that this will help Zimbabwe rugby to make return to the international stage. We had disappeared from the map for the last few years and this tournament will help us to return to top action. Most of the boys who started today will be available for selection next year, which is going to make a difference.

"We have been playing together for three years and this is the end of the road for the 19-year olds and it was good for them to walk away with a nice win. For us, the 18-year olds there is more time next year, and we will be back.!"

Tatenda Karuru, hooker: "I felt unexpectedly comfortable in the scrum and I was particularly pleased with the pushover try we scored. The lineout worked very well and we varied the throw more, which enabled us to win most of the balls. The new boy Jaravaza did very well and with three jumpers we kept them guessing. I really enjoyed the match and look forward to next year's tournament. I hope we will qualify."

Danny Robertson, fly half:
"Tremendous game, I have to say. I enjoyed it greatly and the service from Charles (Jiji) was great. His place kicking was tremendous, for someone who does it in his first match. Top marks!. We wished we had a bit more time to gel, but this is it, we ended with a win and will celebrate."

Papua New Guinea

Nigel Genia, scrum half:
"This was a much better game than the previous one. For me it was much easier and I felt more comfortable playing in my normal position at scrum half. I have to give full credit to the boys for a much more composed performance. You could have not asked them for a better performance. We had early problems with the opposition because they are bigger and more physical than us. But as the tournament wore on we got used with the physicality of the opposition and learned how to deal with it.

"We were a bit unlucky on occasions, but this is the game, if you do not take your chances, the other side will score. This has been a step up for all of us and we will be better players for it."

Matthew Elara Jr, hooker: "This was my second game at hooker, having played flanker before and I have to say that they put a lot of pressure on us in the scrums. But we have been prepared for it and got the ball out quickly. We learnt how do deal with it from match to match. The standards here are much higher than anything we experience in PNG, not only physically but also technical and tactical."

Jackson Pato Jr, centre and captain: "This was a great experience for us and I have to give the team credit for playing their hearts out. We never let our heads down and we kept fighting all the way. But, although we spoke about this before the game, we failed to implement what we discussed and made too many simple errors.

"Ultimately we were not disciplined enough, gave away penalties and failed to communicate properly. But despite of all that, it was a very good team performance and we are so much better for it."