Help Get Rugby Back into the Olympic Games

(IRB.COM) Tuesday 20 May 2008


The IRB is asking all Rugby players and supporters to assist in spreading the message that the sport of Rugby should be included in the Olympic Games. The successful re-introduction of Rugby into the Olympic Games is an objective of the Strategic Plan for the Game as agreed by all Member Unions.

The IRB believes the ideal form of Rugby for Olympic inclusion is Rugby Sevens which has a proven and very successful record in similar multi-sports Games such as the Commonwealth Games. The IOC will vote on which sports to include in the Olympic Games in Copenhagen, Denmark in October 2009.
The key messages that we believe are important and highlight why Rugby should be in the Olympic Games are:

  • Rugby reinforces the ideals of Olympism, thanks to Rugby’s long-standing ethos of fair play and friendship
  • Rugby Sevens would reach a new and young audience, including Rugby’s 3 million players in 116 countries and the tens of millions of fans worldwide
  • Rugby Sevens does not need a purpose built stadium and would fill the Olympic Stadium in the first week of competition, adding an additional vibrant and youthful tone for the Games
  • Rugby Sevens would extend the number of potential medal-winning nations in what would be a true world championship. Countries that could aspire to Olympic success in Rugby include Fiji, Samoa, Argentina, South Africa, Kenya and New Zealand.
  • Rugby would increase funds to grow the Olympic Movement, by attracting new commercial partners and spectators. At the same time Rugby would enjoy increased funding and access to facilities from National Olympic Committees as an Olympic sport.

Presently we are providing a lot of information to the IOC on why Rugby should be reintroduced to the Olympic Games and you can assist Rugby with this ambition.

How can you do this?

You can help promote Rugby's inclusion in the Olympic Games by writing to or contacting your National Olympic Committee (NOC). Remember to ask the NOC to forward your comments to the IOC members within that country. For more information on your NOC, click here

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Drive - Rugby and the Olympic movement

Drive - le Rugby et le mouvement Olympique 

Drive - el Rugby y el movimiento Olímpico