Henry Speight eligibility hearing decision

(IRB.COM) Friday 24 January 2014
 Henry Speight eligibility hearing decision
Henry Speight in action for the Brumbies

The IRB Regulations Committee Panel hearing the Henry Speight eligibility case has determined that the player can represent Australia from September 11, 2014.

The Panel consisting of Bob Latham (USA, Chairman), Gerald Davies (Wales) and Porfirio Carreras (Argentina) heard evidence from the player and the Australian Rugby Union (ARU) following a request by the ARU to seek a ruling as to whether Speight is eligible for Australia national representative duty under Regulation 8. 

The Panel determined that, based on the relevant provisions of IRB Regulation 8, the relevant guidelines and the facts presented, Speight had not yet satisfied the 36-month consecutive residency criteria as set out under Regulation 8.1.c since moving to Australia from New Zealand in 2010 owing to a significant break during 2011.

The Panel therefore confirmed that Speight could be eligible to represent Australia by September 11, 2014, providing that he remains resident in Australia during the intervening period.