(IRB.COM) Thursday 15 May 2008

When taking a quick throw in, a player will no longer be required to throw the ball straight along the line of touch. If an advantage can be gained by throwing the ball directly to a team-mate who is behind the line of touch, this will be legal. The ball must still travel 5 metres before it touches the ground or another player.

This Experimental Law Variation is designed to increase the likelihood of a quick throw in providing a positive opportunity for the team taking the throw in to run the ball rather than opting for the lineout.

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Law text


(e) At a quick throw in, if the player throws the ball in the direction of the opposition's goal line or if the ball does not travel at least five metres along or behind the line of touch before it touches the ground or a player, or if the player steps into the field of play when the ball is thrown, then the quick throw in is disallowed. The opposing team chooses to throw in at either a lineout where the quick throw in was attempted, or a scrum on the 15-metre line at that place. If they too throw in the ball incorrectly at the lineout, a scrum is formed on the 15-metre line. The team that first threw in the ball throws in the ball at the scrum.

(f) At a quick throw in a player may throw the ball in straight along the line of touch or towards that player's goal line.