Laws trials survey - important information

(IRB.COM) Wednesday 31 October 2012

This survey investigates your views on the current global Laws trials. The results of the survey will be used to provide informed feedback to the IRB Laws Representation Group, the IRB Rugby Committee and IRB Council. The statistical results will be published on

The details below set out the background and rationale behind the survey, who is conducting the survey, what is involved, what is the purpose of the survey and what happens the information you provide. You should read this information before completing and/or participating in the survey.

Who is conducting the research?

  • This study is being conducted by IRFB Services Ireland Limited by and on behalf of the International Rugby Board (IRB).
What is involved if you agree to participate?
  • If you agree to participate in this study you will be asked for your opinions on the current global Law trials
  • On average, the survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.
What is the purpose of this survey?
  • The purpose of this survey is to collect generic, anonymous information relating to the global Law trials for research purposes only.
Privacy and Confidentiality
  • The Form is not designed to capture, nor does the IRB wish to receive, any information from which a person is or may be identified. Please ensure that no such information is included in your response to the survey. 
  • IRB’s Privacy Policy at sets out IRB’s views and practices regarding any personal information you may submit to IRB and how IRB will treat it.
  • IRB is using the website at for the purposes of conducting this survey, but the website at is not run, operated and/or promoted by IRB, but by SurveyMpnkey. This means that it is SurveyMonkey who is responsible for the running, operating and promotion of the website at and not IRB.
  • Survey Monkey and the website at have their own privacy and information practices, which are different to those of the IRB. We encourage you to read and familiarise yourself with the practices, policies and/or notices of Survey Monkey and the website at before completing and/or participating in the survey.
What happens to the information that you provide?
  • The responses you provide and that are collected in the survey are retained only for as long as it is required to complete the necessary research.
  • The information you provide may be used as the basis for providing reports to the IRB Laws Representation Group, IRB Rugby Committee and IRB Council. e.g. for publication in a sports/rugby journals, presented at sporting/rugby conferences and/or published in IRB publications.
How to Contact Us
  • If you have any questions or comments about this survey, please contact us at