Kenya-Morocco headlines busy African schedule

(IRB.COM) Friday 10 July 2009

 Kenya-Morocco headlines busy African schedule
Kenya line up against Morocco in the final of Africa’s Northern Zone Trophy

Kenya line up against Morocco on Saturday in the final of Africa’s CAR Northern Trophy after respective mid-week semi final victories against Senegal and Cameroon.

Gray Cullen scored two tries on debut for Kenya as they defeated the Senegalese 22-7, while Morocco were made to work harder by a physical Cameroon side before eventually winning 12-0 on home soil.

Cameroon now take on Senegal for third place in the competition.

Togo hosts CAR development tournament

Elsewhere in Africa, seven of the continent’s smaller rugby nations are in Lomé, the capital city of Togo, contesting the CAR Development Trophy.

The hosts line up in Pool A and face matches against Niger, Mali and Benin, while in Pool B Burkina Faso face Ghana, Nigeria and a Togo second string, following the late withdrawal of Chad.

Last year Niger beat Burkina Faso 16-3 in the final to win the tournament in Accra, Ghana and the initiative has grown this year from a six-team to an eight-team event with Nigeria and Benin joining.

"This tournament is a crucial part of African rugby’s development," said IRB Regional Development Manager for Africa, Jean-Luc Barthes.

"Through more regular competition, these countries are growing their rugby effectively and can one day hope to challenge the likes of Kenya, Uganda and Madagascar in the next tier of competition in Africa.

"Last year both the organisation and standard of play reached impressive levels and this year we hope for the same."

Match schedule

10 July 2009 – Pool A
Niger v Benin  
Togo v Mali  

11 July 2009 - Pool B
Burkina Faso v Nigeria  
Ghana v Togo II   

12 July 2009 - Pool A
Niger v Mali
Togo v Benin
13 July 2009 - Pool B
Burkina Faso v Togo II
Ghana v Nigeria

14 July 2009 - Pool A
Niger v Togo
Mali v Benin

15 July 2009 - Pool B
Burkina Faso v Ghana
Togo II v Nigeria

18 July 2009
Finals matches