Two African nations on climb in rankings

(IRB) Monday 1 July 2013
 Two African nations on climb in rankings
Morocco fall in the rankings after losing to Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast may have won the Africa Cup Division 1 on home soil and climbed five places to 40th in the latest IRB World Rankings, but they are not the biggest climbers of the week as that mantle goes to Nigeria who jump nine to 81st.

An 83-3 win over Mauritius in Yamoussoukro on Wednesday gave them their second comfortable win of Division 1C but it had no impact on their rating with their opponents ranked 98th.

The result that did see Ivory Coast on the rise was their narrow 18-15 win over the higher ranked Morocco on Saturday to clinch the title, lifting them above Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Tunisia, Uganda and Switzerland.

They now sit just four places below Morocco who fall three places after the loss with Brazil, the Netherlands and Ukraine the beneficiaries from the North African side’s defeat to Ivory Coast.


Nigeria had lost 38-8 to Morocco earlier in the week but their emphatic 45-10 win over Zambia – a side who began the week ranked 15 places above them – saw them jump up to 81st and condemn their opponents to a nine place drop to 84th.

The two other Division 1C matches in the last seven days saw Niger lose 30-20 to Zambia and beat Mauritius 17-13, but neither had any impact on the IRB World Rankings because Niger are not a Full Member Union of the International Rugby Board and therefore not ranked.