Czech Republic up to 34th

(IRB.COM) Monday 12 April 2010
 Czech Republic up to 34th

The Czech Republic recorded their fifth win in seven matches over Ukraine on Saturday to edge one place higher to 34th in the latest IRB World Rankings.


Ukraine drop three places to 29th. The Czech Republic's victory, however, has no effect on Ukraine's position as champions of the European Nations Cup Division 2A, which also sees them through to Round 6 of the Rugby World Cup 2011 qualifying process.

The other ENC Division 2A match between Poland and Moldova, due to take place on Saturday, was postponed after the tragic plane accident in which Polish President Lech Kaczynski and 95 others were killed.

Israel continued their unbeaten run in ENC Division 3C by defeating Bulgaria 50-10 in Netanya. They move up two places to 79th in the rankings, whilst Bulgaria fall seven places to 89th.

The other ENC match that took place this weekend, between Armenia and Serbia in Division 3A, did not impact the IRB World Rankings as Armenia are not yet a full Member Union of the International Rugby Board and therefore not ranked.