Sri Lanka player banned after cannabis test

(IRB.COM) Friday 15 February 2008
 Sri Lanka player banned after cannabis test

Following an adverse analytical finding for Cannabis, the sanction for Sri Lanka player Kasun De Silva has been set at three months by an IRB Judicial Committee.

De Silva was randomly selected to provide a sample as part of the IRB's Anti-Doping Programme at the Asian Rugby Championships in 2007.

De Silva's ban started when he was provisionally suspended on 21 November 2007. He can resume playing on 21 February 2008.

About cannabis

  • Cannabis has been classed a prohibited substance by the World Anti-Doping Agency since 1 Jan 2004 and applies to all sports including rugby.
  • Cannabis is only prohibited In Competition.
  • Residue of Cannabis can be found in the body for up to six weeks after its administration which can result in it being detected weeks after taking it.  
  • Sanctions for use of this substance if proven that it was not used for performance enhancement range from a warning up to one year for a first offence, two years for a second offence and life ban for a third offence.
  • The majority of positive tests returned for Cannabis are a result of administration in a social environment and Players are reminded of the possible consequences regardless of the environment it is taken in.