Coach Educator


Prerequisite: Presentation and interpersonal skills; have had some experience of presenting information to groups (eg teaching); be open-minded, adaptable to change, welcomes feedback and willing to self-reflect; adopt an interactive rather than lecturing approach; have a genuine interest in wanting to develop coaches;have appropriate rugby knowledge, skills and experience to be able to deliver specific courses; commitment to deliver an agreed number of coaching courses per year

Duration: 30 hours

Assessment: Ongoing competence based assessment of practical and classroom based Educator sessions. On succesfull completion Educators will receive IRB Trainer license.

Course outline: The purpose of this course is to enable Educators to deleiver IRB Coaching courses.

Course details:

The course focuses on the following aspects:

  • IRB Training process & Educator styles of delivery
  • Role of the educator & client population
  • Learning, competence & assessment
  • Designing and reviewing learning
  • Acquaint with IRB Coaching courses